Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why is BN pushing its fossil fuel agenda?


Fahmi Fadzil talks to Sabah environmentalist, Wong Tack, about BN's outrageous coal plant proposal

Najib went to France early this year and he signed another dirty multi-billion-ringgit deal with the French to supply Malaysia with a nuclear power plant and technical assistance. Why did he do something so stupid? Because he's severely compromised by previous dirty deals involving submarines and a murdered Mongolian interpreter, that's why.

And why are some so-called experts defending the use of nuclear energy when everybody knows the inherent hazards of radioactivity? Because nuclear energy is BIG BUSINESS, that's why - and mostly benefits the crony capitalist elite while putting everybody else at risk.

Those who stubbornly resist alternative energy are the same people who continue to perpetrate armed conflict and polluting technology. They're the Guardians of the Matrix who are panicked by the thought of radical reforms in the way humans interact with the natural environment. Their fanatical anthropocentrism drives them to push for shallow and spurious forms of "development and progress" that only serve to widen the gap between the haves and havenots. That's why they're convinced humans need ever increasing amounts of energy - Mother Earth be damned! Not for a moment will they entertain the notion that it's their obscenely self-aggrandizing lifestyles that are destroying the earth and enslaving their fellow humans. They desperately need to keep power centralized and in their own hands!

Why is BN pushing its fossil fuel agenda? Because BN is a fossil party, that's why!

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Donplaypuks® said...

You can see how these mass murderers work when the Sarawak government recently classified the exploitation and mining of 1.156 billion tonnes of coal reserves as part of its “renewable energy” project!!

I wish we could make fossils of these dangerous and predatory dinosuars!!