Sunday, June 6, 2010


Kuala Kubu Bharu twilight

Kampong Pertak from the bridge

View from my garden, 5 June 2010



Roy said...

Two rainbows and a gorgeous stretch of river - nice work! Is that bridge you took the shot from the same one the guys were jumping from on the video last week?

Monyet King said...

Great views, Antares.... especially the last pic.

Old Fart said...

So, what was the point of these pictures Antares? To leave us all envious and salivating? Well, you succeeded with me!!:-)

baDboyzs said...

Those are awesome pixs revealed from a secret cosmic force deep inside the jungle !

Time to unleash your spiritual callings from your nirvana jungle to save the bad world amoking & sodomising in Putrajaya2 before it is too late !

SFGEMS said...

Hi Soul Buddy

Those pictures are truly beautiful. After 2 days in Singapore, one sort of misses the greenery.

It really is a concrete jungle here. The infrastructure is great but does nothing for the soul!

I love the last one best.


Singam said...

You have the privilege of living as close to heaven as we can get this side of the Pearly Gates. :-)

Obviously you have done the right things in life (this and previous) to deserve such a reward.

Pat said...

What a beautiful world we live in - and you seem to've found the choicest spot of all ;)

My favourite is the one in the middle. To me it spells absolute peace - it's as if sky and mountain and water are one, and the green earth fits snugly in-between! Perfect bliss!

Starmandala said...

Roy - Yup, same Bridge over the River Luit. After watching the young'uns do the jump, I couldn't resist the temptation to do likewise. Two days ago I took the plunge, landed incorrectly, and came home with a pain in the neck. From 33 feet, water feels a lot like wet concrete!

Monyet King - There have been quite a few rainbows of late - the most glorious ones happened when I had no camera on hand!

Everybody Else - Come lah, and enjoy the view from our scenic veranda :-)

lanaibeach said...

Once it was a sleepy hollow
Years ago as I used to go up hill
Easy life hardly traffic jam
Those years flooding back

I used to hang around the post office
Later moved to the coffee shop cum budget lodging
Used to stay there for a night or two.....
When I was new going up the hill

I used to hear story
About the night spot in native's surrounding
I didn't make it to view the place
I went up hill feeling the cool breezes

Now looking at the pictures
Of the jungle village life
Of the rainbow writing across the sky

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Pic 1 and Pic 3 both have rainbows. Amazing shots for all 3.

Just add some good company, a hot cuppa, some fresh durians and a mood for jamming to open that gate to Nirvanna.

Mei said...

I grew up in Kuala Kubu Bharu. These pictures bring back a pang of nostalgia for the times we swam in the Pertak River, or hike up to the orang asli reserve/settlement or even the piece of land my dad had which was just next to the river, canoeing in the old mining pools in the depths of Ampang Pecah, past the mountainous "sand dunes" and the mornings when the mist roll down the hills... Of course progress has seen to it that a lot these places no longer exist. Gosh, I miss the place!