Monday, January 31, 2011

Enough of Big Brother's Heavy Hand!

These superb photographs were found on Totally Cool Pix...

Rebellion has flared up across the Middle East, starting with the massive uprising in Tunisia that forced President Ben Ali and his family to flee in disgrace.

None of this street violence would have been necessary if only the ruling elites had heeded the warning signs and reined in their ego excesses, their insatiable appetites and misguided worldviews. Like a father who collapses of heart failure because he no longer has power over his own grown-up children, all corrupt and oppressive feudal-style governments on this earth will inevitably collapse.

People of Malaysia, unless we effectively vote BN out at GE13, these scenes of street violence are almost certain to happen here. We have suffered four decades of hypocritical authoritarian misrule - first under Razak Hussein, then Mahathir Mohamad, followed by the spineless Abdullah Badawi and now, the most despicable of all... Rosmah Mansor's chubby hubby, the infamous Mr Pink Lips.

Rosmah and Najib have so much in common with the Ceaucescus of Romania, the Marcoses of the Philippines, the Taib Mahmud clan of Sarawak, and the Ben Ali family of Tunisia....

Change is always scary, folks - but no change at all is a million times worse!