Wednesday, February 2, 2011

End of another greedy ego-driven regime!

Hosni Mubarak prefers to be dragged kicking and screaming out of his palace. Guess who propped him up all these decades? That's right, your friendly neighborhood international bankster and the friendly folks who brought you Walmart and Starbucks...

Violent clashes between police and demonstrators as over ten thousand gather on the streets of Cairo. The Egyptian population has endured a tyrant's rule for far too long, millions struggle each day to find where their next meal is coming from. January 25th, 2011 marks the day when the people rise and take back what's rightfully theirs. This isn't the end, but hopefully the beginning of a long awaited regime change!

Song: "Into the Fire" - Thirteen Senses

Thanks to the following news sources for their footage:

Daily News Egypt The Guardian CNN New York Times Al Masry Al Youm

Created by Tamer Shaaban. Another Egyptian who's had enough.

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Cairo, 1 February 2011. More than 2 million gather against Mubarak. Pic: Scott Nelson (New York Times)



feathered serpent said...

This delusional puppet is now executing in the open (in Tahrir Square) what he normally does in secret. Israel has just flown in "hazardous materials" for crowd control. So, stand by to see more terrorism in full colour. This is the "peace and stability" that the forked tongue of the Great World Terrorist aka Israel's attack dog often mentions.

Most of the billions in "aid" were to buy US armaments. The main immediate worry of the Empire of Adolescents is how to cover up the secret prisons for "suspects" that Egypt is running for it. The brand-new "Vice-President" was the "intelligence" chief running this vice for 17 years.

Are we any different? We certainly have a lot of "peace and stability". We have a parallel to Gamal Nasser being built up as an idol?

Starmandala said...

Ahoy there, Quetzalcoatl, nice of you to flap by. The Earth's magnetic field is changing so fast I almost feel sorry for people who are completely trapped in their own thought processes, unable to access their own heart wisdom. Those who obstinately continue to plot and scheme just to hang on to political or financial power are already dead meat. Don't worry about them, they will be recycled...