Tuesday, February 1, 2011


All right, all right... enough rhetoric, enough low-grade Umno/BN politics, enough self-serving bullshit around race, religion and royalty.

Enough police brutality and torture, enough arrests of peaceful anti-ISA protesters, enough mysterious deaths while being interrogated, enough dirty deals that benefit only a tiny handful of Umno/BN cronies.

Enough stinkingly stupid utterances from the out-of-control mouth of the moronic home minister, enough ugly spin from the entire Umno/BN cabinet.

I've definitely had enough, I don't know about you, folks...

I want to see Najib and Rosmah out of Putrajaya and behind bars - or in permanent exile. They are absolutely unfit to hold high office and utterly beyond redemption.

We cannot afford to wait a few years. I'm not sure we can even afford to wait a few months. It's time for radical change across the board, throughout the planet.

No more criminal misrule and mismanagement!



The Phoenix Foundation said...


You should know more than all of us that you cannot wish negativity on anyone!

Let the Universe & the Divine do what needs to be done.

Spread unconditional love & peace on all who transgress the Divine Order of Humanity.

Trust the Divine to take care of those who transgress.

Take Care & Protect Magic River!

Even Najib & Rosmah need some relief, methinks!



PS: Calm Down, Antares ,I have faith that we will not become Egypt!

I have seen that if we are positive then things will happen!

Take Care, Ol'Friend

Starmandala said...

Jeyapalan - I am all the divine authority I need to decide what is no longer acceptable - and what I am saying is NOT wishing "negativity" on anyone. In fact, it's the most positive scenario for the entire country - and quite possibly the ONLY hope Najib & Rosmah have to redeem their own souls by voluntarily stepping down and accepting the karmic consequences of their own actions. Please don't spew any "unconditional love & peace" formulas at me - I am quite immune to cliches, whether new age or old, haha!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anyone in their right frame of mind MUST agree!

Especially, that unelected pretender PM must go, now! Refer to http://donplaypuks.blogspot.com/2011/02/stop-press-1nation-not-israel-corners.html

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

lanaibeach said...

Don't be afraid to change
There are many lights to guide
You aren't alone to fight
The change for the best

You don't have to listen
The lies of the ruling elites
It has been decades
You are still living with it

The 3 pillars of our Constitution
It is raped North South East and West
Until you cry in sorrow of the corrupted officials
The fundamental rights and liberty slowly gone

Don't be afraid to change
For the future of this country
There are many lights to guide
You aren't alone to fight

p/s enjoy the year of the rabbit let the holes sink the corrupted elites Kong Xi Fa Cai to you

Arakah said...

i don't know anything about malaysia politics! the only thing i saw was she (is she call rosmah?) looked really horrible!
i can't see any beauty emitting out of her!

Anonymous said...

Its most evil, that glare from that horrifying woman. Behind that helpless criminal man lies a deadly woman from Hell

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, brother. I want to see the end of the evil empire too.