Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Beautiful New World ~ A Vision

On December 31, 2011, I woke in the middle of the night with the message in this video. When I posted this message two days later on a Facebook group, I was invited by Pearl Lee-Ora Landsman to use it as the basis for a worldwide visualization/meditation/prayer event that she had in mind - thus, I went ahead and created this video to help spread the message and to promote this event.

Since that time, however, having experienced the overwhelmingly beautiful outpouring of love that this video has generated in just one week, I have come to realize that this vision -- the common vision that we share -- is all about love, unity, and the truth of the heart. Therefore, if you resonate with this video, and you feel an inner pull to unite with others in celebration of our similarities and in acceptance of our differences, please know that we respectfully invite you to come and join the many, many beautiful hearts and minds that have already begun to assemble at the sacred meeting place we have co-created in Facebook Groups called "The Beautiful New World"

You will not be disappointed, we promise. Truly, there is something uniquely loving and inspirational going on in our little corner of the internet that is unlike any gathering you have ever attended. In fact, it has become wondrously apparent that The Beautiful New World has already begun.

For those of you who are drawn to participate in the January 21st visualization/meditation/prayer event, Hester Aira has set up a Facebook Event Page here. There you will find information about Pearl's suggested visualization. And, you can confirm your intent to participate so that we will know how many hearts will be uniting in common purpose that day.

Love to you all,

Mathew, Pearl and Hester