Sunday, January 22, 2012

23 January 2012 ~ Year of the Yang Water Dragon!

My daughter, the Dragon Rider
Chinese Water Dragons make excellent pets!


Water Dragons playing with a vortex

Haku, the water dragon in Spirited Away who visited Earth as a boy

Thanking all of the Ancient of Days
for their excellent service
on this planet across the aeons
and blessing them all
Eternal Freedom, Joy & Wisdom!

Now let's wish those foolish self-destructive Earth humans the same :-)


masterymistery said...

Oh, do we have to wish them too?

Yeah I suppose let's throw them a bone: maybe they'll figure out it's gnawable, along with all the other things they keep gnawing and drooling upon. They ought to get a Life.

Beautiful artwork, Antares, thanks very much.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Antares, for this post and the breathtakingly beautiful images!! May you and yours have a lifetime of exquisite joy, love and happiness!

Hugs and much love from all of us

Pat said...

Amazing images, Antares. I did a Google-image search for them as well, but I must say yours out-did mine! I love all the images you found.

May this year of the yang water dragon be a good one for all of us, yah?!

Joycethefairy said...

I love Haku!

And i love you!

Happy Year of the Dragon, Antares!!!

Starmandala said...

@mm, mws, Pat & Joycethefairy... 4 big blasts of love from 4 lovable beings. Pretty good start to the Dragon Year :-)

UP41 said...

Dear Antares, Happy CNY. This year is both the element of water and earth. Will the water over power the earth or the other way is still unknown and I have not the time and skill to check the play of the elements in this year. But one thing for sure , this will not be a calm year as earth and water are in certain way conflicting forces - stability vs changes.