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Zecharia Sitchin (11 July 1920 ~ 9 October 2010)

Review of V. Susan Ferguson's Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal for 

Having read most of Zecharia Sitchin's paradigm-shifting studies of Mesopotamian civilization and the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, I was absolutely delighted to find that Ms Ferguson had picked up where Sitchin left off and transferred the Annunaki saga to the much more fluid medium of the novel. By allowing herself the use of reactivated genetic memories (though some will insist it all issues from "an overheated imagination") Ms Ferguson can boldly tell the story from Inanna's own viewpoint - and what a marvelously illuminating epic it proves to be!

And why not - since it is essentially OUR story too. Once we accept Sitchin's well-argued conclusion that the human (Adamic) race is the genetic creation of Enki and Ninti, it is inevitable that discovering who our real parents are must constitute some sort of climax and denouement in the True History of the Human Race and the ongoing soap opera spinoffs it has spawned.

Right now the world seems to be split into two camps: those who adamantly refuse to accept any new input that threatens established creation/evolution theories, and those who instinctively recognize that the sudden manifestation - nay, the spontaneous eruption - of such a massive body of recently rediscovered or remembered racial memory must mean SOMETHING!

What it all means to ME is simply this: I am essentially my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather's great-great-great (to the 7777th degree)-grandson. And who's this Great Progenitor God who donated his Cosmic Sperm to our Genesis? Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like y'all to meet a Very Special Progenitor God... Mr Erwin Enki!

And let's not forget he had a lot of help from the remarkable and infinitely fecund First Scientific Officer on Colony Earth, the divinely sexy... Ms Ninti aka Nancy Ninhursag! Kidding aside, I cannot thank Susan Ferguson enough for offering us her INANNA books. They are divinely inspired keys to the gentle unlocking of our own Rip Van Winkled Elohim DNA - the bits of us that remember our angelic, starry origins. And also our earthy, primate DNA - the bits of us that know how much pleasure and what a privilege it is to be incarnate in biological form.

As if that wasn't big enough a favor, Ms Ferguson has written her INANNA books with such an easygoing literary flair and vibrancy, she actually makes it FUN to delve into the depths of our own secret origins and destiny. Don't be fooled by her chatty, almost flippant, narrative tone; she knows her deep gnosis, yup, this Goddess Incarnate has certainly paid her humanoid dues.

[21 February 2000]