Monday, May 7, 2012

If We Let Najib Get Away With Murder... (a 3-year-old prophecy comes true!)

This is approximately how things are going to look


Not only is Najib trying to murder participatory democracy in its crib, he has just stabbed all our hopes for peaceful change of government in the heart!

Like his father Tun Abdul Razak, this man is prepared to leave a legacy of bloodshed & violence just to cling to power. His father escaped public calumny simply because people didn't have access to the truth back in 1969 & so they believed the MSM spin that May 13 was all about race.

Well, folks, it's NEVER about race or religion. It's ALWAYS about unmitigated greed, powerlust, self-aggrandizement & refusing to be held accountable for crimes committed while in public office!

[First published 4 February 2009]