Saturday, May 5, 2012

Antares Stargate Activation 2012

Calling All Crop Circle Decoders!

This crop circle represents the Star Gate in the Antares System. How we got this image is pretty strange. My friend has a protege who had a red thumb drive (USB Flash Drive) disappear from a locked drawer. He couldn't find it anywhere. He was having lots of strange electrical activity in his home only to find out his airconditioner went out. Upon going outside to check on his air conditioner, his red thumb drive had reappeared hours later (teleported?), standing on the ground next to the air conditioner. 

When he picked it up and took it inside, his air conditioner resumed operation. From prior experiences, he has learned to leave such things for a few hours so that these strange electrical energies have time to dissipate. Good way to fry a computer if one is not careful. When he examined the thumb drive it had the original files along with three additional images. One was a picture of the Antares Star System, this crop circle image represents the Antares Stargate, there is another symbolic earth esoteric image (not yet released). The thumb drive has again disappeared and we are awaiting what new information will come.

There are some pretty good crop circle decoders out there on the internet, perhaps some read this blog? Anyway if you have any insights on the embedded math and encoding in this crop circle please leave a comment on this post for everyone.

P.S.: I think this has something to do with the Event coming up in May or June. Cobra has mentioned several times the "Antarion Conversion" (from Antares?) and the "AN Conversion" being a direct energy transfer from Source. I don't claim to know how this fits. This is an evolving story. You will recall about a month ago a triangle shaped star gate appeared on our Sun. So geometry plays a big role in all this.

[Borrowed from American Kabuki; brought to my attention by Shalamee Campbell]

Courtesy of American Kabuki