Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Journey through the 11:11 Doorway (Part Four)

Most of my life I’ve been a bit of a lone ranger. 

I guess the idea of the herd mind has always put me off. Nevertheless, in 1992 when we initiated the Magick River project, I was ready to work with others in a community context. Before long I realized that the greatest challenge was how to get a disparate group of strong egos to generate a coherent, unified field – without resorting to despotic forms of control.

Watching Solara in action at Star-Borne Reunion #8 (in March 1993, at Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia) was powerful, instructive and inspiring. Her ability to orchestrate the energies of a large group (72 if I recall correctly) just by her charismatic, queenly presence – and her consummate communication skills – were simply awesome to behold. I’m tempted to describe Solara as the Busby Berkeley of Sacred Ceremony. (Those of you who have no idea who the late great Busby Berkeley was, do check out this video!) Anyone who was at the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in January 1992, when Solara conducted a 38-hour sacred ceremony at the Giza Pyramids with more than 500 participants will attest to her ability to choreograph cosmic-scale productions.

Solara in 1992 at the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway
11:11:11 AM on 22 November 2012 @ the 11th Gate Activation (Walter Pullen) 

Diamond of the Unseen: mandala by Solara
The mudras and starry dances Solara taught the group were elegant and simple, ancient yet fresh, energetically precise and effective. We were gently molded into kinetic mandalas (if only someone could have videotaped the dances from an aerial perspective). In between mudras and dances, Solara would tell us stories, awakening genetic memories of our own mythological origins. As she spoke, I observed that from the back she suddenly took on the aspect of a great master like Yeshua; yet the moment she turned around, she was transformed into a compassionate Magdalene or Isis figure. In effect, her male-female polarities were in perfect balance.

Although Solara makes use of very simple memes like the Sacred Lotus, Pure Heart Love, One Being, Diamond of the Unseen, and Ultra Greater Reality – there is hardly any doctrine in her approach, which is centered around our physical participation in the ceremonies, wherein our individual egos are subsumed by the emotional and energetic synergies of the entire group. Ancient tribal memories are evoked as we move together as One Being, and the joy of full immersion in a rippling pool of pure love begins to trigger spontaneous healing – with people bursting into tears or expanding into their original vastness.

The One Being gazes upon Mother Earth with deep affection (Thilo Vasanael Vierhuff)

The people you meet at an 11:11 event are likely to be a motley assortment of magicians, shamans, healers, angels, starpriestesses, wizards, witches, fairies, landlocked cetaceans, funky walk-ins, newly awakened starseeds, rainbow crystal kids, human-ET hybrids, star commanders, retired dark lords, former emperors and empresses, high elves, gnomes, hobbits – even former mountains, trees, and entire constellations! To be in the midst of such a vast and diverse range of frequencies has the effect of freeing us from the programmed constraints of the 3D Matrix, allowing our Essence Selves the space and freedom to manifest.

Solara enjoying a coca tea break with an old friend, AArela (Igor Abramov) 

Solara speaks of the emergence of the True Ones – our authentic core selves divested of survival camouflage and hypocrisy, no longer hiding our beauty and magnificence and infinite potential. It’s an experiential thing, not at all theoretical, when you encounter another aspect of yourself with open heart and eyes shining with love. The bonding is permanent, albeit tenuous, since we are only together for a week or so before scattering in all directions back to our everyday lives. However, for those willing to let down their guard and surrender to the possibility of transformation, massive inner shifts can occur at these 11:11 sessions.

Absorbing the heightened frequencies towards the end of the Activation (Sebastian PureLove)

These 11:11 gatherings are also pretty addictive – because one invariably finds it difficult to adjust to being back amongst semi-conscious humans and their culturally imprinted protective shields and programmed behavior. We are ritualistically inclined as a species, although we no longer recognize our daily routines as ritual, being so accustomed to functioning on autopilot as we wake up, wash up, get dressed, gulp down some coffee, go to work, and so on.

The mudra of pure heart love (Ankasha)

The elegant rituals one integrates at an 11:11 Reunion or Activation serve clearly defined purposes. For example, as we enter the hall where sessions are held, we encounter guardians at the doorway, standing with their hands in a mudra expressing pure heart love. One greets them with the same mudra and for an instant there is an energetic interaction of mutual recognition, respect and love – reminding one to be at one’s best when entering the sacred space within.

Anastra and Indigo are natural-born Guardians (Emanáku Ku)

The power of this simple ritual is undeniable. People who were only a minute ago happily chatting, drinking tea and smoking instantly set aside all petty ego concerns and consciously attune and harmonize with the collective energy of the group. When everyone is seated with their hands over their hearts to establish a circle of love, Solara glances around to ensure that the group is focused, and then she performs the heart opening mudra and the “Go!” which grounds us firmly in our bodies while connecting us to the Earth’s core and our nearest star, the Sun.

The One Being in session at the 11th Gate Master Cylinder (Thilo Vasanael Vierhuff)

Although I tend to be averse to social rituals, I realize it’s not so much the rituals I detest – but most human rituals tend to become shallow, superficial, mechanical and meaningless. However, these 11:11 rituals have the effect of bringing out our noblest, clearest intentions and facilitating a tangible sense of connectedness with every other individual present. Every time I am at a gathering of the Star-Borne, deep memories are activated of solemn and majestic Starry Councils wherein issues of cosmic import are discussed and resolved. It would truly be excellent if all administrators were to be thus schooled in how to attune and harmonize as a collective mind whenever they gather in formal council to decide the destiny of those who elected them as representatives.

After a "non-ceremony" at Moray, with Solara & Emanáku 
(Igor Abramov)
In the fast-fading realm of duality, our congresses and parliaments tend to be monkey houses of conflicting agendas and incorrigible one-upmanship - which explains why planetary affairs have thus far been largely a nightmarish mess.

The predominance of left-brained egghead technocrats in leadership positions has led to an acute insufficiency of emotional wisdom and empathy, as cold-blooded logic and ego-driven ambition displace compassion, generosity and inclusiveness.

There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of enlightened masters like Solara already incarnate on the planet. They each have their particular function and their own following. Many have succumbed, in recent memory, to the pitfalls of being adulated as Gurus and even worshiped as Divinities.

But that was part of the outgoing pattern. Here we are in a brand new spiral of evolution, with completely fresh options to redesign and restructure the way we perceive and interact with other humans – and with every other expression of life around us. This moment is the best possible opportunity for us to “begin again together,” as suggested by Dane Rudhyar, the visionary astrologer-sage, back in the mid-1970s.

A new story begins for all of us - as individuals, as families, as nations, as a planet, and as an entire galaxy of possibilities.

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