Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bakri Musa on Royal Shenanigans

Malaysian-born Bakri Musa writes frequently on issues affecting his native land. His essays have appeared in the Far Eastern Economic Review, Asiaweek, International Herald Tribune, Education Quarterly, SIngapore's Straits Times, and The New Straits Times. His commentary has aired on National Public Radio's Marketplace. His regular column Seeing It My Way appears in Malaysiakini. Bakri's day job (and frequently night time too!) is as a surgeon in private practice in Silicon Valley, California. He and his wife Karen live on a ranch in Morgan Hill.

M. Bakri Musa | Corridors of Power | Malaysia Today | 29 June 2009

“Apologies – at the very least – are called for.” So began an editorial, “Feast of Lies,” that appeared in the New Straits Times on April 27, 2009. Its pontificating tone continues, “… scandalous allegations are leapt on and gnawed to the bone without even a perfunctory attempt at verification ….”

What triggered the righteous indignation of the paper’s editorial writers was the alternative media’s widespread reporting of the shenanigans of the Kelantan royal family. Today, thanks to a brave Malaysian, Kadar Shah Sulaiman, and the professionalism of Singapore’s police personnel, the Kelantan Prince’s estranged wife, Manohara (right), is now free. As the world now knows, her nine-month royal marriage was anything but a fairy tale, at least according to Manohara, which is what matters.

While her husband may be a prince, she discovered too late that he was of the Neanderthal variety. Perhaps her kiss was not powerful enough; the frog still remains in him.

I would have thought that the folks at The New Straits Times, of all people, would not be strangers to royal mischief. All they have to do is review their archives of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

[Read the rest of Bakri's superb essay here.]


Anonymous said...

read The might of pen for details .

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Malays who live and work overseas outside Malaysia can become smart and can differentiate between fact/fiction and truth/untruth ? and got balls ?

and the local Malays are idiots with no balls ?

Starmandala said...

Bakri Musa is a shining example of the "Global Malaysian" - somebody who can adapt to living anywhere on Planet Earth, yet will always have fond memories of nasi lemak, roti canai, rendang and durian season. When Mahathir & Daim embarked on a campaign to create a new breed of Bumi Billionaires, they couldn't see beyond the superficial trappings of the nouveau riche Gatsby lifestyle (being essentially shallow-minded men of the world not given to deep contemplation about anything apart from nurturing their own egomaniacal compulsions). Bakri Musa probably studied in the US on a govt scholarship... and, like Azly Rahman, decided to stay put, after seeing all notions of ethics torn to pieces by the Umno dogs. In my books one Bakri Musa or Azly Rahman is worth a billion Bumi Billionaires like Daim, Mahathir and his money-grubbing sons.