Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memo to President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama,

I doubt you have the time and resources to attend to website feedback but I do hope your staff will at least brief you on IMPORTANT MESSAGES that literally come from out of the blue.

I'll keep this brief.

From watching you deliver speeches via the Internet I am convinced of your vast reserves of intelligence and amazed by the enormous personal charisma that swept you into the White House in the midst of a planetary crisis hitherto unimagined.

Those who have studied the problems in depth are aware of the unseen hands that have long been pulling the strings of the visible power-wielders. We know that previous administrations have often been kept in the dark as regards ET intervention in planetary affairs.

At this juncture it is crucial that your administration bites the bullet and initiates full disclosure of what has been effectively buried under thick layers of secrecy for decades. We have reason to believe that renegade ET factions who feel no emotional resonance with earth humanity are pushing for an apocalyptic agenda in order to "cull" the human population.

Their malign influence is all-pervasive in the traditional power hierarchy and can only be broken when light is shone on dark places. To this end I beseech you to lend your authority as the President of the United States to allowing full disclosure to occur.

There are many who are eager to step forward with irrefutable evidence - but they must be assured of presidential indemnity against prosecution for breaking their oaths of secrecy. I know that going public with this long-concealed information will shake many institutions to their very foundations. But we live in unprecedented times when much is at stake.

I know that you agreed to take on this extraordinary mission at this crucial juncture for a specific purpose - I can sense that it is ultimately a noble one, but you are surrounded by traditional power-wielders who don't really understand what has happened. They think they can grind their heels in and hold the line for another generation.

That is, in fact, impossible.

I can't explain why in this brief message. I feel prompted to contact you via this feedback form on the White House website in the hope that whoever chances upon this communiqué will sense the urgency of the situation and alert you accordingly.

Mr Barack Obama, this goes beyond the USA. The repercussions transcend geopolitics. It is your destiny to helm the most developed nation on earth at this evolutionary crossroads for humanity when we are literally confronted with what Bucky Fuller (40 years ago) described as a choice between Utopia or Oblivion.


Magick River
26 May 2009

Governments are hiding the discovery of clean, free renewable energy. Technologies that would bring the third world nations of the world out of the dark ages and into the modern era. A powerful Cabal of intertwined Corporations and Banking Interests hide the secret to avoid losing the egomanical stranglehold they have on world governments and the flow of currency. As seen on "The Greatest Story Ever Denied" by Jose Escamilla. Watch complete film here.