Sunday, April 29, 2012

Of evil emperor wannabes and farting storm troopers...

"A word in your aristocratic ear, Your Pinkish and Puissant Petulance..."

"The pay's lousy but I just lurve the smell of uniforms..."

Brave men-in-blue ganging up on a ferocious and deadly Yellow Pig
(photo: Adrian Hoe)

Finally... the robots rebel!

Fabulous cartoon in the long-haired guy's hands (photo: Lily Fu)

The Spirit of Bersih 3.0: From the mountain heights...

... to the ocean depths!

Small section of the colorful crowd near Masjid Jamek (photo: Lily Fu)

A surging sea of determination to reclaim our electoral destiny (photo: Harakah Daily)

Birthpangs of a new nation, free of BN robber barons... (photo: source unknown)

Censorship, jackboots, thuggish intimidation, water cannons, tear gas, storm troopers, secret police... so fucking primitive! So ludicrously shtupid! So utterly futile in the age of digital tech and instant interconnectivity!

The biggest showing ever for clean and fair elections (Harakah Daily)
My guess is between 150,000-200,000 were at Bersih 3.0 (Harakah Daily)
Always a reassuring sight: The Yellow Geeks from DiGi!