Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Can somebody please read my palms? Yes, they're clean! (Photo by Samsul Said/Reuters)

28 April 2012 shall go down in the nation’s history as Merdeka Rakyat when 300,000 rakyat spoke in one voice to demand a free and fair election.

The women, youth and men of all races and ages who came down in full force were encouraged by a sense of justice to demand liberation from usurpers. Their message cannot be mistaken – a free country cannot be enslaved anymore.

The people want a genuine democratic process

BERSIH3.0 represents the hopes and dreams of all Malaysians that the political legitimacy of any government in the future can only be attained through a genuine democratic process.

The authorities' response to BERSIH3.0 participants who represent million others across the country is thus an utter disappointment. It is a classic statecraft of authoritarian regimes using the state controlled media to turn the masses who are victims of oppression and brutalities into criminals.

I bear witness to the political awakening of the rakyat as I marched with them from Masjid Negara. The atmosphere was one of enlightenment, rejuvenation and hope. It was an exemplary conduct of a peaceful assembly; a celebration of freedom and unity in the truest sense.

The day Malaysia woke up

This is the achievement of BERSIH3.0 that will stand the test of time. The rakyat will commemorate 28 April 2012 as the day Malaysia woke up and marched for liberation in one voice.

We shall not be intimidated by continuous lies spawned by the state media. We have a much potent and effective media in our hands as the 300,000 rakyat carry the messages of BERSIH3.0 and liberation to every corner of the nation.

Let the rakyat speak and justice prevail.

The Malaysian Insider