Monday, April 30, 2012

Rallying for clean and fair elections: WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO STOP US?

Listen up, Bersih Bashing Morons!
By Emmanuel Joseph

Listen up, morons.

250,000 us went down to KL to walk and we walked for a variety of reasons. WHY we walked is not as important is WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO STOP US? We’re citizens, we’re taxpayers. Our tax dollars paid for the tear gas they shot at us, the water the sprayed us, the barbwire they put around Dataran Merdeka and the train services denied to us! WHO THE FUCK are you to stop me from wearing yellow, taking a train, joining a rally? It was rallies that got your asses into the comfy seats in which you now sit in, the keyboard you are typing to condemn us with, the monitor in which you sink your beady eyes and give us your self righteous comments with.

Listen up, morons.

We were not there to kill anyone, whack anyone, crash any car. Don’t judge the actions of 99.99% on the few who did; that too evidence is fast appearing that they may not be protestors after all! If you used your heads to think, we were already there for umpteen hours, for the third time - you think we would ‘lose it’ just like that? If we were to judge everyone by the actions of a few, every cop loves his baton too much, every MCA member sleeps with women on video, and every PERKASA member is short and has a limited vocabulary.
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