Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Victim of PDRM's "Ku Klux Klan"?

Kugan Ananthan, 22, died in police custody, 20 January 2009

Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said the young man died of "an asthma attack." It must have been an extremely violent one.

Malaysiakini, 20 Jan 2009

Four family members of Kugan filed the police report today and they were joined by lawyers, human rights activists and several politicians from both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

Among them were PKR's Kapar MP S Manikavasagam, DAP's Puchong MP Gobind Singh and Teluk Intan's DAP MP M Manoharan.

Also present was a group of MIC Youth members led by its head T Mohan. Hindraf representative, led by S Jayathas, were also there.

Some 80 people had also gathered at the police station to show their anger over Kugan's death.

They held up banners with pictures of the deceased, showing the injuries he sustained while in police custody.

Some of the banners read: "Police are licensed killers", "Police are killing Indians" and "Police are thirsty for Indian blood" in both Malay and English. They also briefly chanted slogans demanding a probe into Kugan's death.

Heavy police presence

Talking to reporters later, Kugan's family members said that the deceased did not suffer from asthma and could not have died from breathing difficulties as claimed by the police.

Manikavasagam and Gobind added that the police were attempting to cover up the death and that there should be a full and open investigation by the Home Ministry, which oversees the police department.

Manikavasagam also said that he would organise rallies to protest against the police.

The crowd then dispersed peacefully after gathering for about 30 minutes.

There was a heavy police presence outside of the station while the police report was being lodged.

Eight Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) vehicles were parked within sight of the police station.

Yesterday Khalid told reporters that Kugan had asked for a glass of water during interrogation and upon drinking the water, he collapsed and lost consciousness.

"A doctor from a clinic nearby who was summoned to examine the man, and later confirmed that he had died," he had said.

The state police chief also said that a thorough probe would be conducted on the matter and asked people not to speculate on the cause of death.

WARNING! Due to the distressing nature of the following material, viewer discretion is strongly advised...

[All images from Malaysiakini or captured from video footage]

I'm so angry right now I'll just let the images speak on my behalf...


Unknown said...

And yet Samy says Hindraf lied at the conference in India last month.. who said there is no discrimination??

wong said...

i been there and i was robbed of my money and my belt.i have horrors to organised these police from top till down ..each has their own division of fiesta. 1st they use handcuff and then verbal assault on u,one will play the nice guy , he will pacify u and make u comfortable.just be nice , we are doing our jobs..we are making a living,,,they will tell u buy them some food..i paid rm500 for one mac donald n a bottle of coke.the food they gave u are plastic with water ..n a triangle nasi putih n just few curry..u sleep on cement floor..under 117, u are suspect n u be remand for 4 days n extend another 3 more..if not satified u be on road show to another police station and again and again.they will ask u to call yr family to come see u n give them cash for protection. i have a friend now we share same treatment.he is now road sentul police station ,

Anonymous said...

bastards...these police guys, picking on less fortunate citizens, if he had asthma, why didn't they call for a doctor or take him to the emergency ward in any hospital, or clal for an ambulance? bastards..bastards...murderers...what has the coroner got to say? Do a post mortem, will he be harassed?

Csi Grissom

Starmandala said...

It's all so downright ugly & bestial but the sad truth is staring us all in the face: what we're witnessing is the Ketuanan Melayu backlash to Makkal Sakthi. Najib can deny it till his PMship has come & gone... but the only way to clean up the police force is to remove Umno/BN from power. Not a single one of them has any shred of humanity left - or they would have abolished the ISA & implemented the IPCMC ages ago & sacked Musa Hassan.

Crankster said...

Yes, it is the Ketuanan Melayu backlash to Makkal Sakthi alright. Besides, they know an Indian has no clout whatsoever.

Life will go on.

Anonymous said...

Considering the suffering and pain the mother is feeling makes it too unbearable for me.

Anonymous said...

How many more Indians are they gonna kill...? By looking at the injuries check out the object that's being used to torture Kugan. Do some CSI...! Samy Vellu....? Waste of time only....! We all know what he has done for the Indians. And what he has done TO the Indians....! Don't ask for his comments ! All he'll do is ask BN for millions of ringgit to probe these cases.....! Another waste of time again......!

Anonymous said...

Just check ALL the hospitals and clinics in Puchong, Klang and Kuala Lumpur to CONFIRM he was an asthmatic. The records WILL SHOW evidence. After all the Medical department CAN NOT key in now for past records. They may be able to ERASE evidence. Any HUMAN BEING will take the seriously ill to a HOSPITAL. The policeman(men) who did this will SUFFER but won't die that easily as he(THEY) will have to pay for the KARMA.

Anonymous said...

What is this country coming to?

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Somehow the image here share similarity with those of Gaza.

May his soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

First of all, i feel deeply sorry to the poor boy's family.

But i can't help to notice that you guys sounded like Martin Luther King on crack. Everything comes down to racial hatred, marginalization, UMNO evil, Nazi blah...blah..blah..same old shit, different day.

Now, what the police did to that boy is down right inhumane, cruel & uncivilized. I wish there will be a fair investigation (yeah that ever gonna happen). But remember, why the boy was in the police custody at the first place? Did he make a wrong u-turn? Spank some chick in the ass? What?!!! You guys should dig up and highlight that shit as well.

What I heard is he was in the car boosting business, you know all those gangster shit kinda thing (only god knows the truth to this). You guys will be singing a different tune if one of your cars got jacked.

I didn't hear any of you guys screaming "Human Right" to those gangsterism victims & their family all over the country e.g: That cashier guy at petrol station in Perak or that MIC guy, and FYI there are plenty more!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Antares,

For your information, Anwar Ibrahim has just condemning this, promising to raise this issue in the Dewan Rakyat.



Unknown said...


So you reckon his death in custody is justified just because he is guilty of something? Sure, I too condemn if the guy is a car-buster or guilty of something else, but we do have courts and judiciary to try him out don't we? Then what's the point of having all that if the police can simply kill suspects that deem guilty of?

If he is guilty of something, try him in the courts of law. His parents would be downright disappointed with his actions, but that mom wouldn't be wailing on that video today.

Starmandala said...

Naga - Thanks for responding to Semifallen so graciously & lucidly.

Semifallen - first of all Kugan was arrested ON SUSPICION of being involved in car theft. Even if it turns out he was guilty, it does NOT justify being treated like some hapless Iraqi in Abu Ghraib.
People who are capable of torturing others - and those who sanction, justify & cover up such evil transgressions, are hardly HUMAN!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother Antares.

I am shocked and appalled to learn of this brutal murder of a young man at the hands of those who are appointed to safeguard this nation!

A car theft suspect such as Kugan surely need not be bludgeoned to death for his alleged crime does not warrant such a violent brutal measure from the police officers!

If Kugan had massacred a family or what that would have been a different story but he is now dead due to merciless torture at the hands of those whom we all are supposed to trust and respect!

I join you and all other concerned bloggers in condemning this murder!

I have written my piece linking to you here and would like to express my deepest condolences to the grieving parents of Kugan and to the entire Malaysian Indian community.

In Islamic law, the punishment for taking Kugan's life is nothing else but the capital punishment for his murderers!

This is clearly not the work of a lone individual!

All those who did this must be investigated and charged for Kugan's murder and compensation be paid to his aggrieved family.

May justice prevail.

Anonymous said...

PDRM hopeless....only GOD will punish the culpritss

Anonymous said...

semifallen, did it ever occur to you why did the boy got involved with car theft in the first place?

Anonymous said...

seriuosly are u justifying the boy's death?? to begin with,he was a mere suspect! What happen to the ideology of "Innocent until proven guilty" Well in this case we'll never find out if he was really guilty because the cops had decided to sentence him according to thier own law of the jungle.

U mentioned "Human rights" of the victim. Please get ur understanding of the basis of Human Rights correctly first before u dwell on this matter. Human Rights are not merely limited to rights of victims, even the accused have their rights. We cannot go around judging ppl according to our whimp n fancies. If he is guilty of car theft, put him on trial then sentence him accordingly.

What the police did was outright disgusting and wrong! N yes when i saw the deceased's pictures it reminded me of GAZA.
Zionist and local police, they should colaborate to bring more destruction to the world.. they are darn good at it!!!

Anonymous said...

Was surprised that they showed the body on the TV7 8pm news just now, thought they would have tried to keep it off the tv.

petai goreng said...

wonder how the liquid got into the lungs??

Anonymous said...

fucken arseholes the police! even tho he's a bad guy they cant do that..beating him to death!
obviously he died not due to asthma..they beat him or choked him or whatever until he cant breath and got asthma attack.
some police are bullshit!!!

Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

My Malaysian Indian race has the highest alcoholism and crime rates and no one fucking cares. Then they say its MIC responsibility and not us as Malaysian. Fuck BN-UMNO & MCA and MIC….Yes its education but it’s also opportunity.

I don't think its Ketuanan Melayu backlash to Makkal Sakthi. DSAI almost died under police detention. It’s an arrogance of power without an iota of responsibility. The strong 2 party system emerging is good.

To kugan soul from Marley….
Most people think,
Great god will come from the skies,
Take away everything
And make everybody feel high.
But if you know what life is worth,
You will look for yours on earth:

Saya... said...


What an unjust and horrible death.

This is certainly not the first.

But to tell you the truth, I see it not as a ketuanan melayu issue,as may the others (maybe because of the high emotional impact). This is usually the work of the ignorant, the senseless, the plain stupid and evil individuals who let their own racism/sense of power get to them.

And the usual lack of accountability, responsibility and sense of amanah towards the people in their work (a mirror image of the leadership).

Such treatment is also meted out to indonesians, foreigners, even sesama melayu esp those in ISA detention, and even Anwar himself was subject to such treatment.

Our police force is in dire need of an overhaul.

I think the one person who can bring a change is Nooriah Anvar. The rest are just part of the same lethargic patronising, boys club who feel a sense of entitlement, no sense of urgency to the growing problem within the force; the lack of personnel, low pay, low morale; absence of professionalism and rasa bertanggungjawab.

Granted there are those who do their job well, but what we see now is probably what we are getting...

Saya... said...


even if Kugan massacred a family...are the police judge, jury and executioner?

what happened to due process?

crankymaddog said...

I think the police are doing their job, robbers/ rapist/snatch-thefts - they do so many terrible things and they walk around free.

It takes a tough police force to deal with thugs and hardened criminals.

The police are doing their job.

See my post here:

Starmandala said...

Pak Sako - Thanks for alerting me to the statement published on Anwar Ibrahim's blog. It's what we expect of all leaders & how they ought to respond to such outrageous instances of police misbehavior.

Mahaguru - Thank you for passionately adding your voice to the rakyat's desperate cry for justice. By this action you have shown me, once again, that although we choose to run different software, our heart drives are ultimately from the same factory :-)

Petai Goreng - Water in the lungs usually indicates that the person drowned or came close to being drowned, as would occur if a form of torture like "waterboarding" (popularized by Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo Bay) was used.

An-Nimr - Ultimately, cruelty transcends race, religion & culture. Whether one is Buddhist & Japanese, Christian & German, African or Spanish, or Jewish or a professing Muslim of any ethnic origin, one can become dehumanized when processed through, for instance, police or military training. Occasionally, the thin veneer of civilization conceals the feral origins of our species & the primal bloodlust takes over, turning even young people from good families momentarily into a ferocious, murderous pack of hungry wolves or frenzied sharks. I have a vision of a world reborn in which crime no longer exists because the wrathful, punitive Father God has died & humans can at last openly & honestly be their true selves (instead of wearing socially sanctioned masks)... this would naturally lead to a reality where energy is no longer misdirected towards violence, therefore the need to maintain police & military forces becomes obsolete.

Anonymous said...

Yes crankymaddog, we all know PDRM beating their suspects (read suspects) senseless is part of their job.

Anonymous said...

Bro, I totally agree that the fukin' UMNO/BN has to go. This is the only way we can rid the Malaysia society of all the evil that has befallen this country.

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

How hardened a criminal does someone have to be in order to have their shit literally beaten out? Let's add stress positions in bondage and stripped naked while we're at it. Is there a particular degree for the level of punishment inflicted? I see Alcohol consumption in pubs gets whipping, theft receiving a permanent dunk in the Klang river and now brutal assault for carjacking.

It could be the murderers, pedophiles and rapist become MB's and Datuk's and therefore untouchable so the bar for the Department of Judgment has been lowered considerably. The Judge Dredd wannabe's in our police department have been so removed from humanity that any suspect is ranked below animal. A rabid one if possible.

Going back to my first question, I probably wouldn't fully understand what a hardcore life of crime is like. However, at 22 I dropped out of law school and bummed around until I was crippled for a year after an attack. When I recovered someone gave me a chance which I gladly took.

This young man was not given a chance. To me that is what is unfair and outrageous. That the potential was extinguished before it was ever set to sight. Whatever this man's story is will never amount to anything more than a tragic remark on Malaysian Police Brutality.

Tuning in to the deceased. His last thoughts was "Sorry Mama. I cannot save myself". It's literally written on his death mask as he drowned in his own bile. It's a final testament on how powerless he was in death as he was in life.

For anyone who says he deserved this, I can only say that the experience of turning back from the edge of life is one few can hope to understand. In that gap in empathy and understanding I can only impress that judgment is the last thing the bereaved family needs.

crankymaddog said...

I read your comments and I have this to say. Crime doesn't pay. If a criminal gets caught and then gets beat up by police, I have no sympathy. But of course not to the extent they get killed. That I do agree, is excessive.

But look at it another way, what do you think of the victims, the ones that got raped, murdered, and beaten up - do they not deserve mercy? What if they are your kids? your wife, your parents? yourself? What will you say then?

Think about it? You have kids right? What if it happened to your kids? Tell me how you would react?

If someone kills another, I think it is karmic that they suffer the same consequences.

In the first, do not be a criminal, lest you have to pay for it. Do good and receive good. That's my principle on this matter.


crankymaddog said...

Antares - You missed the point.

I am not encouraging cops to behave exactly like criminals, what I am saying is the police is doing their job. It takes tough people to deal with hardened criminals. I believe in the course of carrying out their duties, accidents do happen.

This doesn't mean the whole police force is "bad". It means that accidents happen. It means that police is trying to solve a crime and to prevent future crimes.

Just because this matter occurred doesn't mean that the police are "bad" - this is an incident which may have occurred through the course interrogation.

Have you ever dealt with hardcore criminals? Have you ever been in gangfight or threatened by gangsters?

You will know that this kind of people are merciless. And some of them consider it a 'notch on their armbands' for being in prison or defying the police.

Perhaps I may sound harsh but having experienced being burgled, mugged and have friends who have been slashed by snatch thieves on the face, hands, body with 30 over slash wounds, well - I don't think you handle these kind of people with the same civility like normal people.

C'mon - are you serious?

Police asking hardcore criminals "Excuse me sir, did you commit the crimes? Where is the loot held? Where are the rest of your team members who murdered these people?"

That sounds ridiculous to me.

Hardened criminals -well, I think the police have to come down hard on them.

"morphogenetic field" - I know about this.

You heard about karma? Cause and effect? And - What do is what you get?

I am sorry to hear about the deceased and the suffering of his family. But I think crime in Kuala Lumpur really sucks and if you live here and not at your idyllic place by the river, then you should try living here and see how bad the crime rate is.

I am talking as far back as last week, my friend's neighbor got beat up when she resisted her car being stolen - just an old wira.

Two guys beating up at 28 year old girl, tell me - if the girl was your daughter or your wife, how do you feel?

I really want to know?

Anonymous said...

Lagi satu projek dari barisan nasional........

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Crankymaddog, let me see if I can grasp your logic here? That it is alright to give the police a blanket approval to degrade, torture and eventually kill any SUSPECT to a crime for the reason that they will eventually return to their ways and harm others. That because of an escalating crime rate and the increasing brutality of these miscreants, the guardians of public order must act in kind as a deterrence.

Pray tell, how much power are you willing to give the police to assault and kill anyone they suspect are criminals? Who then will decide what is illegal, an elected representative or a sheriff on a lawless frontier? Also, when the crime rate goes down, how do you take back that license to kill?

How you ever thought about the extremes of that abuse or even seen it with your own eyes? Because it is not going to stop with just snatch theft and carjacking, it would be illegal to be different. What then?

Some people ended up on that wall of skulls in Cambodia simply because they wore glasses and hence were "intellectuals". Do you honestly want something like that here where police and military oversight has been steadily eroded?

Let's look at it from a another angle. How do you feel about a public servant lying to a concerned citizen with a vested interest like the safety and welfare of their children? Say, a police officer lying that a man had died after drinking a glass of water, a government doctor lying about that man's history of asthma and finally a pathologist lying that an autopsy was conducted.

What if it was someone you knew who was disposed of before an independent inquiry could be conducted, treated as burnable waste, without a final glance by family and friends. What would you do when a public servant can kill, then lie and finally desecrate the body in a bid to dispose of evidence with impunity? How can behavior like this be justified in a servant of the law?

For that matter, what power on earth gives someone the ability to treat anyone suspected of evil as less deserving of rights?

Anonymous said...

1st, death caused by fluid in the lungs !
2nd, AG : ' murder ! '
3rd, body wounds ? ...a..a..ah yes,
inflicted by the family members one !
NOW, botak : " charge the 2 indian
timbalan menteris !"
NEXT, result of 2nd post ......!
SIGH ! how to enjoy the 'Chinese NIU year man !".

Anonymous said...

See what the chinese community think about Indian criminals -

Anonymous said...

sad, yes, for a young man has lost his life. but he is after all a criminal who stole cars and led the police to recover them. he is a criminal, a car thief and who knows what else. so this is a good thing, clean up the police force and get rid of some community menace.

Anonymous said...

'fluids in the lungs !? ' = push/press his head into the h2o with urine for 1 minit
oredi > 3 minits ....pocet !!

Starmandala said...

Kugan a/l Ananthan, you sacrificed your life to ensure that the rest of us will never again be so inhumanly mistreated at the hands of the police. Because the whole nation was horrified & outraged by the vicious brutality with which you were mishandled by your police captors, there will be an unstoppable demand for an IPCMC... and soon a massive overhaul of the PDRM, with at least 400 senior officers replaced, including Police Inspector-General Musa Hassan under whose watch the PDRM has hit ROCK BOTTOM.

I offer you heartfelt blessings on your onward journey & a salute for your having undertaken such a difficult & painful but totally necessary task on behalf of all Malaysians.


reggy said...

hahaha worms so that less remains brutal death

reggy said...

worms have to be extermined but with the high violence

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