Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Malay Dominance & Jewish Supremacism

"I see the value of all people preserving their cultural, national, and even genetic heritage. All peoples have the right to preserve their unique identities, including Jews. This book is about the fact that organized Jewish leadership pursues those goals of self-preservation and self-advancement tenaciously, while consistently disallowing other nationalities and races to act similarly in their own interests." ~ David Duke, in his preface to Jewish Supremacism


Hard to deny the truth of that simple statement. Here in Malaysia the supreme irony is that a great many Malays condemn Jews for exactly the same injustices that they themselves commit on a daily basis. Below I quote an excerpt from David Duke's new book - Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question. By substituting "Malay Dominance" for "Jewish Supremacism" we arrive at pretty much the same ugly conclusion: ETHNOCENTRISM SUCKS!

Although we fantasize about the peace-loving nature of human beings, most of human history is a record of tribal, ethnic, or racial war of one kind or another. For instance, the most read book on earth, the Bible, records the bloody history of the conflict between the Israelites and the other peoples of the Middle Eastern region. It tells glorious stories of war and shocking accounts of genocide. Anyone who reads the Old Testament with unbiased eyes will readily discern its dominant theme of racial and ethnic supremacism. There are many blatant expressions of ethnic supremacism:

* Israelites are a "chosen people," chosen by God above all the other peoples of the world.

* Israelites have a right to rule over all other people and are promised that they will someday own and rule over the whole world.

* Israelites boast of genocide against whole peoples and kingdoms.

* Israelites are commanded to murder all the people of the lands where they intend to live and to kill all the people of foreign nations that do not submit themselves in slavery.

* Israelites are forbidden to make slaves of their own people, but are encouraged to enslave non-Israelites whom they may pass down as slaves to their descendants forever.

* Israelites are forbidden to intermarry or "mix their seed" with other peoples.

Few people dare to even acknowledge the blatant racial supremacism of the Bible. And those who become aware of the extreme Jewish Supremacism in the Old Testament tend to believe that such sentiments are relegated to ancient times and have no influence on the present. Jewish Supremacism, however, shows that the powerful ethnocentrism of ancient Judaism has continued to thrive to the modern day. I will offer compelling evidence that Jewish Supremacism has a dramatic and increasing effect on world events.

[Download David Duke's book as a pdf file here.]

Although the "Star of David" is commonly associated with the Zionist State of Israel, the emblem itself is truly ancient. Some say it predates even the Egyptian civilization. For more information about the 6-pointed star, originally a 2D representation of our 4D merkaba, click here.

[Originally posted on this blog 7 July 2007. Reposting it after I viewed this news clip from The Guardian (2 Jan 2009)]


Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

David Duke is a dickhead.

"Perhaps America's best-known racist, David Duke was instrumental in the Klan resurgence of the 1970s. He has since continued to propagandize white supremacist views as a frequent political candidate, with a variety of fringe organizations and, in recent years, in Russia, Europe and the Middle East."

Azer Mantessa said...

i used to have many jewish friends back at Lorong Yahudi ... one of them is Fatimah Rubin (she's my classmate too), Penang ... nearby Odean Cinema, Penang Road, you can still see the jewish cemetary which can be considered among the oldest in Penang State.

when i was a kid, i thought they were Arabs because of the similarities in names, language and culture ... only back in 1975 (Arab-Israel war had ended back then) when Fatimah had to sail away to Israel ... only then I knew the difference. That was the last time I saw Fatimah.

Strange is not it? When we were kids, it was not matter at all on who you are and who I am. All we wanted were to have playing mates ... Fatimah and I used to play alot of ermmm ... this is embarassing ... "masak-masak". Sumtimes friends made us 'husband and wife' ... hehehe ... and his lil brother (Osman) was our baby ... muhahahahahahahahaha

those were good old days :-)

Starmandala said...

Hey Loken - By Crikey, you're right! David Duke's a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan! Didn't know that. Only read a few excerpts from his book - what I read seemed sensible enough, which goes to show, every viewpoint can be justified or at least understood - if you don't have to live with it :-) I suppose the Klansmen & the Zionists ought to be rounded up & exiled to a tiny island & left there until they exterminate each other. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that Wikipedia is dominated by Zionist-sympathizers who censor anything that remotely smells of "holocaust denial." That's why I don't completely rely on Wiki's spin on everything, though it's very useful for quick reference.

Azer - You'll always be a pure-hearted child at heart. The world could so with lots more people like you. I've been wondering where your Mantessa surname comes from. Care to enlighten me? :-)

Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Hi Antares,
I don’t really rely on Wikipedia only. Anyway you are right that every viewpoint can be justified or at least understood.
BTW, These are what Duke the dickhead has said..
1) Well, the Jews have developed a disease and given it to us already. It's called race mixing, and they're being quite successful." -- Interview with Evelyn Rich, doctoral student, Feb. 17, 1986.
2) On Blacks > "We don't have a program to send Blacks back to Africa. I think that's impractical. We do feel an ideal, perhaps an impossible ideal, would be geographic separation of the races, either within this country or on an extra-continental basis."

I do understand the issues on overreaction of Zionist-sympathizers, but somehow it seems easier to blame the Jews for the problems, without taking responsibility of our government & politicians

Anonymous said...


1. Israel should be hauled up for its war crimes

2. And yes, David Duke is a Ku Klux Klan leader and Nazi, American-style.

Better to quote the American Jewish leader Michael Lerner who condemns Israeli misdeeds.
Also, Jimmy Carter who talks about
similarities to apartheid in the
Occupied Territories.

Phua Kai Lit

Argus Eye said...

"Although the 'Star of David' is commonly associated with the Zionist State of Israel, the emblem itself is truly ancient. Some say it predates even the Egyptian civilization."

Interesting. Any idea where it originated from? It existed during the Hindu Civilization. Was known as Shatkona in Sanskrit.

Shatkona: Hindu - Hinduism Dictionary on Shatkona
By Himalayan Academy

Shatkona: (Sanskrit) "Six-pointed star," formed by two interlocking triangles, the upper one representing Siva's transcendent Being, and the lower one Siva's manifest energy, Shakti. The shatkona is part of Lord Karttikeya's yantra."

If it predates that, we're saying it predates the oldest civilization. Its amazing how the world is..filled with unsolved mysteries.

p/s- you might wanna see this.

Azer Mantessa said...

Mantessa is a place where i used to work temporarily in Guinea, West Africa. My relatives had this fruit orchard there.

There were two of us Azers. One is working for the paddy field in Monchon and he is known as Azer Monchon.

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