Saturday, January 24, 2009


Umno's Bad Loser Club celebrates the Year of the Ox by dumping a load of bull on Khalid Ibrahim.

Jimadie Shah Othman and Rahmah Ghazali | Jan 22, 09 6:53pm

Selangor Opposition Leader [and president of Umno's Bad Loser Club] Dr Mohd Khir Toyo today claimed that he had in his possession a copy of a letter from Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s office ‘instructing’ the purchase of 46 cattle to be distributed in Bandar Tun Razak last December during Hari Raya Korban.

Revealing this at a press conference in Shah Alam, the former menteri besar also said he was "disappointed with Khalid for having no knowledge of the cattle distribution to the constituency and denying giving out instructions" to pay for the cattle worth RM110,400.


On Mohd Khir: I have evidence against S'gor MB

Ravi Panicker: Well done, Mohd Khir Toyo! You have found evidence that the Selangor MB used state funds for purchase of cattle for Hari Raya Korban for the common rakyat. Where does it itch for you? After all, he has the authority to do welfare services as he deems fit.

How many times in 50 years did your BN government do the same thing.

Khalid did not swallow the entire money. He used it for a just cause in the spirit of Hari Raya Korban. That is part of his duty.

Are you angry that the 20% commission for the purchase of the cows did not come to you?

And pray tell, where did the money you BN people dished out for the Kuala Terengannu by- election come from?

People in glass houses should not throw stones. The whole federal government is corrupt. As the rakyat, we have no objection to what Khalid has done. He did not use the money for himself.

Mohd Khir Toyo, try your luck at the next GE. Believe me, you will fail again. Let Pakatan run their five states without your vested interventions.

CH Siew: First someone accuses our Selangor MB of corruption because he bought some cattle for the people. Now Khir Toyo claims that he has evidence of the purchase. The question is: where is the corruption?

Did the MB ask all those who benefitted from the meat for anything in return? Did he ask them for favours?

Did he pocket any some amount of the money used for the purchase? Is there even proof that an exchange amounting to corruption had taken place?

Already, the reputation of Khir Toyo is beyond redemption. The saga on MP Teresa Kok already shows how much integrity Mohd Khir has.

To think that anything out from his mouth is worth listening to is like believing that BN is not corrupted.

When Mohd Khir come into the picture, it was very clear to the rakyat how incredible this accusation is.

These kind of people are doing more harm than good for Malaysia and I feel very sad that the progress of Malaysia continues to be hindered by people like Mohd Khir Toyo.

Wu: A new low for Umno and Mohd Khir Toyo?

Imagine manipulating an issue of donations for religious event for one’s own political agenda! How low can they stoop? Any wonder why they are losing elections?

Whether or not Khalid used state funds and whether it is right if he did, is another issue for another time.

Hey, Botox face! Time to moooooove on!

Will Umno's Bad Loser Club be wallowing in more hogwash at the start of the Pig Year? 

Or will they be reduced to a pile of stale dogshit by then?



wizsurf malaysia said...

Pray tell, why are people like him still running loose in the country ?

He & his obnoxious kind should be silenced forever so that we can do productive things , right Bruder ?

otherwise everyday we waste precious time even responding to him

Anonymous said...

Killed Toyol ,don't try to bad-mouthing Abdul Khalid , do yourself a favour, just go and fcuk yourself please .

Starmandala said...

These Umno creeps have squirreled away millions, even billions, of ill-gotten gains. They could choose to, if they had brains, leave quietly & start anew in some other country where nobody knows them & they can live more than comfortably on their booty. But, no, they are driven by their balls (testosteronal overdrive)
& are addicted to POWER! So they spend their waking hours dreaming of wresting back control of the country from Pakatan Rakyat, convinced that their money & tribal influence will ensure them continuity as feudal political figures trapped in sea & sky changes of cosmic proportions. Can you imagine Mahathir doing a Marcos & fleeing to Mautirius or Zimbabwe?
He would die within a few months!

zorro said...

Hilariously wicked lah you.

Anonymous said...

Commission is due to MB/Minister and their cronies for any purchase by the govt.That's how BN operates. So I guess he's suspecting Khalid to do the same.
From the crap spouting from his mouth I think he is suffering from terminal foot-in-mouth disease.

Anonymous said...

Killed Toyol is a clown, still remember how he boosted to wipe out the opposition party from Selangor State Assembly prior to 12th GE.. "Zero Oppositin " was what he was dreaming, hahaha... in the end Barisan Najis lost the state and the bugger ends up as the opposition leader in the state!
Killed Toyol, if you are reading this, I advise you to be prepared the day when People Alliance takes over the central government , you will be doing time in Sungai Buloh prison.. hahaha.. I am waiting to see that happen.

Anonymous said...

Though I would rather waste my brain cells on something more important instead of this Khir fella, can't help but to say this slimy fella is a damned coward chicken.
Khir should thank His Allah for not being in Singapore. Else, If Harry Lee got hold of this slimy fella, he would make Khir fella poorer than Chees and Tang Liang Hong. It would not just be M$30 million lawsuit.
Mareva injunction. Freezing his asset and sue him till kingdom come. Plus, plenty of harsh words from the Grand Old Man.
Hey, Malaysia got to let loose of Singapore in 1965 as UMNO buggers can't stand that Grand Old Man's onslaught in Malaysia parliament before 1965. I gather that after his speech, you can hear the sound of the pin dropping on the floor.
Hmm......what would happen to slimy fella. Even Shit hamid's father no match to Da Man. And I am talking that Senile Mahathir

Anonymous said...

Forgotten to mention how cowardy that slimy Khir fella not mano o mano with Ronnie Liu in open debate
Even George Bush is better. Reminds me of the Iraqi press incident. The infamous incident.


Anonymous said...

Correcting what I am saying at the last sentence

And I am NOT talking about that Senile Mahathir. And again, George Bush is better

Anonymous said...

HOW come the present state gment has NONE at all any evidence AGAINST this @#$%^&* tukang gigi , WHY ah !?

Anonymous said...

Killed Toyol (FKS Khir Toyo ) got a lot a skeletons in his closet otherwise he would not have moved out of MB official residence in middle of the night after Barisan Najis lost Selangor.

You got to see his crying baby face after it was known that the opposition had take the state.
The most happy moment of my life when I saw his crying baby face picture ,hahaha..

Anonymous said...

This slime bag of shit is at it again. I wish to bitch-slap him senseless then throw him into the pig stye where he should have good company. He has the cheek to make an issue when MB Khalid does something to directly benefit the poorer folks. Corrupt, shithead moron!

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