Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Magick River Theme" by Azer Mantessa

Last month one my regular commenters, Azer Mantessa, a fellow blogger, did something really sweet. He composed and dedicated a song to Magick River! I listened to his MIDI composition and liked it a lot. I immediately thought of uploading it here but was distracted (I can't remember by what but it often happens!) Then things got a bit hectic and I bookmarked Azer's masterpiece which he had uploaded on YouTube... and clean forgot about it... until Azer swung by my blog yesterday and left another comment. Hey, thanks for jogging my memory, Azer - and, of course, for honoring me with your lyrical and mystical piece especially written for my blog. You must come and visit the real Magick River one day and feel for yourself the ambience!

I know very little about Azer Mantessa - but his YouTube profile says he's a 44-year-old Malaysian and a father of five who enjoys experimenting with MIDI music and 3D animation - which he then combines into charming little music videos. Apparently, Azer gets a fair amount of inspiration from reading blogs. Here's a nifty music vid Azer dedicated to Art Harun of Navel Gazing fame...

To check out more of Azer Mantessa's MIDI compositions, go here!